Wood Waste

Organic Wood Waste Pile

The Asotin County Regional Landfill offers this wood waste program to support alternatives to open burning.

Under the program, valley reisdents may dispose of certain organic yard and wood waste at the ACRL at no charge.

Acceptable Waste

Please call if you are not sure your waste is acceptable. Examples of acceptable waste are:

  • Tree limbs and branches twelve (12) inches in diameter or less
  • Clean wood pallets

Unacceptable Waste*

  • Treated lumber
  • Construction/Demolition debris and lumber
  • Grass clippings and leaves
  • Municipal Solid Waste

*These materials can be disposed of in the regular landfill at the standard gate charge.

Please note that only loads consisting of acceptable wood waste materials will be accepted. Loads containing a mixture of municipal solid waste and/or unacceptable materials must be disposed of in the regular landfill subject to the standard gate charge (No mixed loads).

For more information or questions regarding the Wood Waste Program please contact the ACRL at 509-758-9230.