We are closed for New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Open all other days of the year.

No, only chippable wood goes to the wood waste pile. Trees up to 24 inches in diameter and 8 feet long, branches, shrubs, and clean wood pallets are accepted.

No. Unfortunately, we need to manually dump the wastes into another container to be processed, and it is simply too heavy to handle. Also, we need to see what the waste is in order to categorize it.

We take cash and cards. Credit and debit cards are charged an additional fee.

The waste needs to be tested, by a laboratory, and the results sent to Department of Ecology prior to acceptance in the landfill.

You can bring up to 10 gallons of total waste or 20 containers (contents totaling no more than 10 gallons).

We charge by weight. The minimum charge is $5.00 for up to 200 pounds. All loads over the minimum are charged at $49.73 per ton.

If there are special circumstances, an individual can call the landfill and make a special appointment. It is at the discretion of the landfill whether the quantities can be accepted.

If the paint is latex and is dried and not in liquid form, it is landfilled. If it is not latex, then it needs to come to the HHW Facility.

If they are empty, then they should be placed in the trash to be landfilled.

The used oil, antifreeze, flammable liquids, lightbulbs and batteries are recycled. The latex paint is solidified and landfilled. The poisons and corrosives are dry-packed in their original packaging with absorbent, and shipped to an appropriate facility to be managed.

Business waste must be disposed of through the CESQG program. Business owners are required to fill out an application (available here), make an appointment, and pay the disposal fee.

Individuals have to bring portions of it and make multiple visits over a period of time.

Tires are $233.10 per ton. However, if you bring up four or less with garbage, it will be charged at the regular rate of $49.73 per ton.

All Wednesdays and the first and third Saturday of each month from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

There is not enough steady flow of customers to justify placing a full-time staff member in the facility. Especially in the autumn and winter months, it is usually very slow.