Welcome to the Asotin County Regional Landfill

Entrance from road to the Asotin County Regional Landfill

The landfill comprises approximately 76 acres and is located in the Clarkston Heights. The landfill began in 1975 on the western half of the landfill site. This portion comprises approximately 46 acres and is an unlined landfill area which closed in 1993 as Municipal Solid Waste regulations changed, requiring a liner system, leachate and gas collection systems.

In the eastern portion of the site, three lined areas were constructed per the new regulations (referred to as Cells A, B and C). Cell A began filling in 1991. Cells B & C opened in 1997. A fourth Cell, Cell D, opened in 2014. Cells A, B, C, and D are currently being filled together. The current filling rate is approximately 50,000 tons per year.

Waste Management Plan & Strategic Plan

To download a pdf of the Asotin County Solid Wast and Moderate Risk Waste Management Plan, click here.

To download a pdf of the Long-Term Solid Waste Disposal Strategic Plan, click here.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to protect the public health and the environment through efficient, effective, and fiscally responsible practices while also providing stable and affordable solid waste management services for our community and our solid waste partners. Our vision is to provide collection and disposal services in a manner that will preserve the environment for future generations.

Daily Operations

HOURS - The landfill is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. year round. There are 4 holidays when the landfill is closed – New Years Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. All other holidays the landfill is open.

FEES – The landfill operates with certified scales. Vehicles are weighed in then weighed out, and the amount due is calculated by the pound for what is left in the landfill.

To download a pdf file of these fees, click here.

The landfill accepts appliances and refrigerated appliances which go to a separate area. Please let the scale operator know you have such an item to leave.

SPECIAL WASTE ACCEPTED - Download a PDF file to see what is accepted and fees.

To download a pdf file of these fees, click here.

To download an charge account application, click here.